Take Control of Your Lawn Maintenance Business.

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Sell Faster

Create more estimates and automate approval with ease, thanks to FieldCentral's sales and estimating tools.

Simplify Scheduling

Whether it’s a single event, seasonal contract or rain day reshuffle, our drag and drop scheduling makes managing your schedule a snap.

Track Crews in Real Time

See real-time information about your crews’ progress, so you always know how their day is progressing.

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Estimating and Sales

FieldCentral's estimating and sales tools are designed to simplify selling, enabling you to create more estimates in less time. Even approval is easy - a simple email with an electronic approval process means you can automate the sales process, making it easy to grow your business.


Create Estimates with Ease

Creating estimates is a breeze with FieldCentral. Just select the services you want, add materials, if necessary, and FieldCentral will calculate the price based on information like the size and difficulty of the property.


Measure Properties Without Setting Foot on Them

FieldCentral leverages overhead maps that enable you to measure prospect properties remotely, saving a site visit.


Completely Electronic Estimate Approval Process

Once you've created the estimate, you can send an email to your prospect to approve or deny the estimate. Once approved, the estimate is converted to a contract and ready to be scheduled. It's a huge timesaver.



Paper schedules and route sheets are so 1999. Not only does FieldCentral’s calendar give you real-time information about the status of your jobs, but it also makes it easy to schedule an entire contract’s work, easily shift your calendar for rain days, and can even replicate changes to one day over multiple like days should you add a new customer to a crew’s route. All in an intuitive, drag-and-drop interface.


Drag and Drop

Need to adjust a day? That’s as easy as dragging and dropping events on your schedule.


Schedule the Entire Contract, or Schedule Periodically

FieldCentral enables you to add people on a recurring basis - which is great for things like mowing. Or, add them to the calendar periodically in mass, like fertilization rounds. Plus, we’ll optimize your routes for you, so you save windshield time.


Rain Days

Managing your schedule because of rain days is a drag. With FieldCentral’s rain day functions, you’ll be able to move entire days or strings of days in the schedule.

Contract Management

Managing your maintenance contracts is easy with FieldCentral. You can quickly schedule your contract work with our contract scheduling. Renewing contracts takes just a few mouse clicks. Even better, with the information you're collecting in the field, you'll always know which contracts are the most profitable, and which are losing you money.

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See When You're Short Visits

Missing visits can anger your customers. FieldCentral tracks how you're doing compared to your contract, so you always know what needs to be scheduled.


Renew Contracts at the Touch of a Button

Renewing contracts can be a pain. With FieldCentral, it isn't. Simply click the renew button, select an estimate template to use and follow the automated approval process to get customer approval

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Take Action Based on Profitability Reporting

Plus, you can improve the profitability of your business by analyzing which contracts are making you money and which aren't thanks to FieldCentral's profitability reporting.

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Field Management

Tracking and communicating with your crews can be a pain. But not if you’re using FieldCentral’s field app. Send notes, customer data and more electronically to your crew’s Internet-connected smartphone and tablet. Capture time in and time out data for true job-specific profitability information. And, have your crews mark jobs as complete so you can see how they’re progressing throughout the day.

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Complete and Incomplete Jobs

If you want to simplify field data capture, simply have your crews mark jobs as complete or incomplete so you can see their progress throughout the day.

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Time In/Out

To capture a true accounting of the profitability of each customer and crew, you’ll want to capture time ins and outs.

Pars and materials

Parts and Materials Tracking

Want to know how much mulch was used on a project? Your crews can input materials used in the field.

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Don’t worry, you don’t have to learn a new accounting platform to use FieldCentral. We integrate with leading accounting platforms like QuickBooks Desktop and QuickBooks Online. 

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Two-way Sync

Moving data between QuickBooks and FieldCentral is a breeze thanks to our unique two-way sync.


Do the Work. Review. Send.

FieldCentral makes it easy to review your work before you send it to QuickBooks, so you can add notes, modify remarks and more.


Eliminate Duplicate Data Entry

Our sync means you can import data from QuickBooks - like customer information, parts and information - and eliminate duplicate data entry completely.


Needs Attention

Where most software solutions merely help you collect information and do things like schedule and bill, FieldCentral goes a step further. Our unique Needs Attention feature alerts you to items in your business that require action, ensuring your business operates smoothly. It's like adding artificial intelligence to your lawn care business.

renew contracts

Always Renew and Schedule Contract Work on Time

Have a contract coming up for renewal? Still have four bi-weekly visits to schedule? We'll remind you of these events so nothing falls through the cracks.

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Get Paid for ALL You Do

It happens. A customer will ask you to do something not covered by the contract. You do it, but how do you bill for it? Needs attention will identify work done outside of a contract and enable you to review the work and assign a dollar value to it, if necessary.

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Bill on Time. Every Time.

FieldCentral's Billing Needs Attention alerts you if you've forgotten to send monthly recurring invoices to QuickBooks as well as any other invoices that need to be sent.


Wondering which customers are most profitable? Curious which crew generates the most revenue per hour? Want to see an analysis of productive and non-productive time? A few mouse clicks is all it takes. It’s data that will help you make decisions that improve your business.

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Compare - and Motivate - Your Crews

Leverage FieldCentral's Crew Revenue Report to see which crew generates the most revenue per hour. Even better, create an incentive program around this number to encourage a more productive team.

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Know What's Profitable

The most powerful report you can review is the Budget vs. Actual Report. It will show you your profitability by customer, crew, service and more, all data you can leverage to improve your profitability.



Report and export your timesheets in minute detail so you can see exactly what your employees did every single day.


Instant ROI

Startup Fee

The one-time startup fee includes all the training and support you need to get started taking control of your business. 

Base Fee
$99.99 / mo

The base fee for FieldCentral is $99.99 per month.

User Fee
$24.99 / mo

Whether it's an owner, an office manager or a crew, you'll pay $24.99 per user, per month.

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