Estimate Management & Templates Tailored To Your Irrigation Business

Clearly see which bids are aging, which need a call, and which need to be scheduled then trigger follow-up actions immediately, without jumping through hoops.

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Estimate Features That Understand Your Irrigation Business

From creating estimates effortlessly with irrigation-specific templates to tracking, updating, and providing task reminders, FieldCentral facilitates and accelerates your entire estimating process.


Estimate Tracking



FieldCentral tracks, updates and provides reminders for your entire estimating process. At all times, you’ll have the visibility and tools to be confident nothing is falling through the cracks without having to dig around and wasting time.


Irrigation Estimate Templates


From using other software you’ve probably come to expect that all estimate templates are generic but that’s because they weren’t built specifically for your industry and services. FieldCentral’s templates fit your business because they understand your industry and the services you offer.


Easily Change Pricing

Labor & Material Time Tracking

Time & Material Tracking


Make sure you’re getting paid for every second & every part. With FieldCentrals centralized time & material tracking, you’ll be confident the data is consistent system-wide & you’re billing for the correct amount of labor & parts.



As inflation continues to rise and your operational costs soar, FieldCentral allows you to push some of these increased costs into your estimating formulas and pricing. So you can keep your margins steady and your head above the inflation tsunami.

“Hands down my favorite feature with FieldCentral is being able to track my estimates. From sending the estimate in the software to being able to see when estimates have been opened, won, or lost it is so nice to be able to follow up and check the status in just a few clicks.

-Kyle at Eastern Brothers




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Since the early 2000s, we’ve been proud to provide business owners with the tools they need to succeed in the green industry and enjoy the life they’ve built. Because that’s who we were founded by, and who we were founded for.

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