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Connect with your customers - in the way they want

Build trust with your customers by communicating with them in the manner they prefer, with the immediacy that ensures your crews are able to accomplish the work.

What is Connect?

 Connect adds the ability to communicate with your customers via email & text. The email capabilities allow you to send customers mass marketing campaigns, distribute estimates & agreements, & alert them of upcoming visits. With texting you can automatically remind the customer of upcoming appointments, let them know when you're on the way, and notify them when the work is done.

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Immediately distribute contracts & get confirmation
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Confirm upcoming visits, right in the customer’s inbox
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Remind customers of upcoming work, & let them know when it’s complete
Mass email clients with marketing & educational content*
Confirm that emails have been delivered & see who has opened them
Automatically or manually send texts for visit reminders & completions*
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Access & review text history between you & your customers*
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Send customer satisfaction/survey emails*

*Connect Pro Feature

Watch: The Power Of Texting.

Pricing & Details


Work-Order Based Emails
That Includes:
• Confirmations
• Reminders
• Cancellations
• Completions
• Incompletions
Order Connect-Basic
Price: $52.99/mo


Hydrawise Integration
Send Annual Contracts
Customer Dispatching Text
Contact-Based Mass Emails
Sales Manager Campaign Emails
Satisfaction Surveys & Reporting
Plus All Connect-Basic Features
Order Connect-Pro
Price: $159.99/mo


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