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FieldCentral Payment Processing

Fully integrated, FieldCentral Payments allows you to process payments directly within your business software. From securely storing cards to emailing & texting payment links, you'll streamline your cashflow while enhancing your customers' experience. 


Make It Easy

From emailing & texting payment links to securely storing cards for future use to collecting payments in the field on the mobile app, your customer can pay at their convenience no matter their preference.

Fully Integrated

Stop switching between platforms and start processing payments and distributing links directly from your business software's scheduling screen.


Offering Peace of Mind

With receipt confirmations, you'll remove any uncertainty for your customer while providing a seamless experience.

Features To Get You Paid

Simplify & Save Time
Simplify payments & manage the entire process from within one platform by integrating payments into FieldCentral
Mobile Payments
Meet your customers where they're at - collect payments (or card info) in the field with the FieldCentral mobile app.
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Email & Text Payment Links
Email & text payment links to your customers directly from the schedule screen.
Payment Confirmation
Customers also receive a follow-up text or email with their receipt, confirming they paid.
Secure & Compliant
FieldCentral Payments is certified to the highest industry standards, ensuring your customer data is safe & secure
Improve your customer’s payment experience & securely store customer payment data for future use
Boost Cash Flow
Eliminate the dependence on slow payment methods and boost cash flow without compromising security
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What Are The Costs?

We've partnered with Stax - Brandmark - Black-GreenX-1 to offer competitive rates (in fact, it’s cheaper than QuickBooks):

2.9% + $0.30 per transaction for Credit Cards (non-American Express)
3.5% + $0.30 per transaction for American Express


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